Milestones in the company’s history

The story began in 1971, when brothers Georges and Bernhard Alpstaeg laid the foundations for the existing group by founding swisspor AG in Boswil (Aargau, Switzerland) and the two production plants Kork AG and Baukork AG. The group was established with subsidiaries around Europe as part of a focused drive. Today, it is the leading Swiss developer, manufacturer and supplier of products and systems for energy-efficient and aesthetic building envelopes. Operating under the name swisspor from some 17 locations across Switzerland and Europe, the group manufactures and sells a comprehensive range of high-performance products and systems to insulate and seal the underground elements, facades and roofs of building shells. Under the umbrella of FibreCem Holding AG and at a total of five plants, Eternit (Schweiz) AG, its German subsidiary, Eternit-Werke Ludwig Hatschek GmbH (Austria) and Esal d.o.o. (Slovenia) produce high-end fibre-cement systems and products for facades, roofs and interior design and lifestyle applications.

1971     Bernhard Alpstaeg and his brother Georges Alpstaeg laid the foundations for the existing group by founding swisspor AG in Boswil (Aargau, Switzerland) and the production plants Kork AG and Baukork AG.

1971      At the Kork AG works (today: Alporit AG) in Boswil (Aargau, Switzerland) and Baukork AG in Steinhausen (Zug, Switzerland), swisspor AG produces insulation materials of EPS and PUR/PIR.

1986        The product range is expanded with the take-over of Wannerit Ltd in Bilten (Glarus, Switzerland), which specialises in bespoke packaging materials and moulded parts.

1987     Expansion into French-speaking Switzerland and tapping into the French market with the acquisition of Luxit Isolations SA, Châtel-St.-Denis (Fribourg, Switzerland)

1994     Baukork AG, Steinhausen, wins the innovation award of the canton of Zug for the development of a model for the recycling of EPS and the full recycling of building boards.

1996     Diversification and entry into the Swiss window market with the acquisition of Kufag AG, Oftringen (Aargau, Switzerland)

1996     Alporit AG (formerly Kork AG), Baukork AG, Wannerit Ltd and Luxit Isolations SA are certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO-9001 for their quality management systems

1998     Entry into the German insulation materials market with the production and sales company swisspor Deutschland GmbH in Dankerode (Harzgerode, Germany)

1999     Expansion of the range of window products by the acquisition of established east Swiss company Dörig Fenster Service AG in Mörschwil-St. Gallen (St. Gallen, Switzerland)

1999     The product portfolio is expanded with the take-over of Vaparoid AG in Turtmann (Valais, Switzerland), which specialises in the manufacture of bitumen sealing membranes and holds the ISO 14001 environmental certificate.

1999     Entry into the growth market of eastern Europe and opening of the first insulation materials production plant of swisspor Polska sp. z o.o. in Chrzanów (Poland)

1999     Entry into the Romanian market with S.C. swisspor S.A. in Ploiesti (Romania), founded in 1998

2001     Sales and distribution in German-speaking Switzerland and Ticino merged into the sales company swisspor AG, with headquarters in Steinhausen (Zug, Switzerland)

2002     Opening of the second production site of swisspor Polska sp. z o.o. in Janów Podlaski (Poland)

2003     Bernhard Alpstaeg acquired Eternit AG (now FibreCem Holding AG) from BA Holding AG, and with it two fibre-cement production plants in Niederurnen (Glarus, Switzerland) and Payerne (Vaud, Switzerland)
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2003     Expansion of the window range with Herzog Fenster AG in Müllheim (Thurgau, Switzerland)

2004     Expansion of the market position with the third works of swisspor Polska sp. z o.o. in Mi?dzyrzecz (Poland)

2006     Expansion of the rpoduct range with the integration of Aeroflex AG, Rothrist (Aargau, Switzerland), which specialises in technical insulation materials

2006     The Prima building and insulation systems group, with three sites in Gleiss-Sonntagsberg, Stadel-Paura and Wels is the swisspor group’s new foothold in Austria’s market for insulation materials.

2007     Construction of a new logistics centre for Swisspor AG at Boswil-Bünzen as a hub for the five production plants of the Swisspor Group in Switzerland

2007     Expansion of the Wannerit AG premises, including installation of new, energy-efficient equipment

2008     Production capacity expansion with the new build and start-up of the fourth swisspor Polska sp. z o.o. works in Pelplin (Poland)

2008     Expansion of the product range with the integration of Airofom AG (today: Alporit AG Branch Rothrist) in Rothrist (Aargau, Switzerland), which specialises in the manufacture of technical foams and packaging materials

2008     Expansion of the production capacities and product range of S.C. swisspor S.A. with the acquisition of S.C. Isopor SRL in Cluij (Romania)

2009     Expansion of the European market position of Eternit (Schweiz) AG with the purchase of the BACHL Baustoffe Porschendorf GmbH works (today: FibreCem Deutschland GmbH) in Porschendorf near Dresden (Germany)

2009     Founding of swisswindows AG and merger of the three companies Dörig Fenster Service AG, Herzog Fenster AG and Kufag AG

2009     Consolidation in the European fibre cement market with the take-over of the majority stake of the Austrian company Eternit Werke Ludwig Hatschek GmbH (EWLH) in Vöcklabruck (Austria) by the FibreCem Holding AG

2009     Opening of a new building and resumption of production at the Swisspor Baukork AG plant in Steinhausen (ZG, Switzerland)

2010     In February 2010, the swisspor group became a member of the Swiss Energy Agency for Industry (EnAW).

2010     Acquisition of the remaining 20% of shares in Eternit-Werke Ludwig Hatschek GmbH (EWLH), Vöcklabruck (Austria), by FibreCem Holding AG
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2010     Construction and commissioning of new production and storage facilities and a new office building at swisspor Romandie SA in Châtel-Saint-Denis

2012     swisspor starts production of insulation based on extruded polystyrene (XPS) in the new XPS extrusion plant in Boswil-Buenzen (AG, Switzerland)

2017     Taking up production of swissporPUR (PIR) in Châtel II